"Sabroso! Portraits in honor of the flavors of the Caribe"

Enora Lalet is visual artist from France that currently resides in Bordeaux. Her artistic work is characterized by the use of food elements to create sculptures, performances, body painting, photographs and installations of sensory experiences. Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, New York, Berlin, London, Madrid and Cartagena are just a few of the places where this culinary artist has made use of local foods for an authentic artistic production that has revolutionized the concept of plastic art.

With the collaboration of the Alianza Colombo Francesa and Cartagena photographer Rafael Bossio, Enora created "Sabroso!", a photographic installation of contemporary plastic art. The exhibition represented the riches of Colombian Caribbean cuisine in a series of eight gigantic portraits. This work was presented in Cartagena between October 12 and 29, 2017 at the University of Fine Arts and Sciences of Bolivar and the French Colombo Alliance.

Ana Luisa Muñoz Ortiz

Cartagena, Colombia

© 2017 Rafael Bossio