The Orisha of the Word


I am the Orisha of the Word
Libertarian warrior from a land of fire
daughter of the sea of blood that swallowed the bodies of my ancestors
a usurping creature, tempestuous and captivating of silence.

I am a cry for independence
a surviving fighter of violence against my sisters,
my grandmothers,
my mothers.

I am a conspirator of passages to freedom
agitator of the town
singer of its sufferings
Protester of exploitation and racism
heir to the narrative,
the poem,
the song.

I am a tumbadora interpreter of the guaguancó
Afro-Caribbean cajón with a boom of sabor
midnight ritual
champeta, rumba, salsa, son.

I am a woman who does not tremble
woman who does not believe in the patriarchal god
woman with jungle hair
woman with a rainy voice
Hurricane woman.

© 2018 Ana Luisa Muñoz Ortiz