Woman of light
Woman of the moon
You wake up at night and sleep through the day.
You bring serenity,
embrace lies,
you cry out,
you scream your name,
then comes the silence.

Woman of earth
Woman of safflower
The world flows from your mouth
Magnificent, illicit, untamed.
Hair of white strands,
colored face,
citrine quartz skin
body of all ages
sex creator.

Woman of war
Woman of the sun
You came to the city and the city destroyed you.
You no longer dream, you live.
You no longer talk, you storytell.
You will never be forgotten.
You will never be judged.
We all come from you
and for you I am here.
I am sex of your sex
Gender of your gender
Existence of your existence.

© 2018 Ana Luisa Muñoz Ortiz