The Game


If I had to choose between your arms and others,
yours, of armor, stone and fiber would be my refuge.
If I had to choose between your mouth and others,
I would signal the path that leads me to yours;
The mouth that kisses me and that invents me.
If I had to choose between water and your sex,
I would sink into you and only that I would do.
If I had to choose between my nation and your body,
you would be my eternal territory of pleasure.
Because you, Life, you penetrate to my bones and wrap me entirely in your arms.
Because my mouth is not mine without the one you draw with your black lips
and your endless tongue,
like a river that flows into another sea: my sex.
Because I have three homes:
The Caribbean,
The night
and Your Body, that which contains all the beauty of the world within

© 2018 Ana Luisa Muñoz Ortiz